Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition
The mission of the 3RBC is to provide a bicycling advocacy and resource organization that promotes improved quality of life in and around the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
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Join 3RBCJoin 3RBC
How Your Membership Benefits Our Community
Work with our local cities and counties to create a plan to develop new and improved bikeways, bike paths, trails, and Share the Road routes.
Work with our local cities and businesses to take advantage of our unique cultural attractions and world class wine industry to become a destination community for bicycle tourism.
Work with our school districts, bicycle advocacy groups and governments to develop Safe Routes to School Programs (SRS) for all schools the Tri-City area.
Continue organizing the annual community Bicycle Challenge and provide support for the Group Health Inland Empire Century ride.
Work with local law enforcement agencies to protect and educate drivers and bicyclists in our community.
Provide regular bicycle education for new and experienced bicyclists to increase confidence, sharpen riding skills, and improve overall safety on our local shared roads.
Work with our local media to help inform and educate our community about safe driving and bicycling practices.