Carl Berkowitz
Director, term expires November, 2014*

Growing up in Southern California, Carl saw
the damage that cars do to the environment,
their limitations as an effective mode of
transportation in urban areas and the
reduction in health of individuals who rely on
them.  As a staff scientist working with
Battelle’s research aircraft operation he had
many opportunities to literally look down on
urban areas across North America [more...]
John P. Ittner
Director, term expires November, 2015*

John is one of the founders of 3RBC, along
with Jeffrey Petersen. John is a member
since 1990 of the Tri-City Bicycle Club and
has been the TCBC Treasurer and
webmaster. He is retired from Energy
Northwest. John is also a member of the
League of American Bicyclists, Bicycle
Alliance of Washington, and Adventure
Cycling Association. John is  a certified 
Jeffrey C. Petersen
President, term expires November, 2014*

Jeff is one of the founders of 3RBC, along
with John Ittner.  Jeff is a Certified Financial
Planner and President of Petersen-Hastings
investment firm.  As the first President of the
Lourdes Health Network Foundation, he was
a signatory to the documents that
established the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. Jeff
is also very active in world-class cyclist
Lance Armstrong's Cancer Foundation
program. He is a member of Chinook Cycling
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition
The mission of the 3RBC is to provide a bicycling advocacy and resource organization that promotes improved quality of life in and around the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
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*Term limits per Article 5.8 of By-Laws.
Damion J. Miller
Education Director, term expires
November, 2014*

Damion has worked as a Bicycle Advocate
for twelve years offering certified bicycle
education programming through his
business Bike Well out of his home in
Richland, Washington. In 1998, Damion
became a certified League Cycling Instructor
(LCI# 719) by the League of American
Bicyclists (LAB) and has facilitated [more...]
Laurel Strand
Director, term expires November, 2015*
Andrew Miller
Director, term expires November, 2014*

Andy is the Prosecuting Attorney for Benton County and an avid cyclist and swimmer.  He is also well known around the Tri-Cities for his participation in the Polar Plunge and other fundraising events.

In addition to raising funds for child welfare organizations, Miller is also a strong advocate for programs which reduce the probability of young people ruining their lives with drugs, alcohol or gang activities.
David Berkowitz
Vice-President, term expires November, 2015*
Director, term expires November, 2015*

Dave Berkowitz is an avid outdoor enthusiast
who enjoys mountain climbing, skiing,
cycling, snowshoeing, hiking, camping and
backpacking. As a manager at REI
(Recreational Equipment Inc.), he has been
inspiring, educating and outfitting others for
adventures in the great outdoors for more
than 16 years. “Recreating outdoors changed
my life for the better. It is my passion to help
others experience  [more...]

Laurel, Richland Recreation Program and Facility Manager, has been with the Parks and Recreation Department for over 10 years. Her primary responsibilities include the development and administration of diverse recreational programs, events and activities to meet the needs and interests of a growing community.  She is a graduate of Washington State University and more recently, Leadership Tri-Cities.  more...
Russ Burtner
Treasurer, term expires November, 2015*

Russ is recently retired from the City of
Kennewick, where he served as Executive
Director - Municipal Services Department,
Parks and Recreation Director, and Facilities
and Grounds Manager. Previous to that,
Russ worked as an Urban Planning and
Engineering consultant.  Russ is a Founding
Board Member & Past President - Boys and
Girls Clubs [more...]

Aaron Stites
Secretary, term expires November, 2015*

Aaron works as the Performance and Wellness Director for Therapeutic Associates in Kennewick. He taught cycling and mountain bike classes at Brigham Young University while doing his graduate work and has been coaching cyclists, triathletes and runners for the last 10 years. He comes from a mountain bike and cyclocross racing background, but calls himself   [...more]