A little History of the 3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition

In the Fall of 2009, Jeff Petersen, acting on a charge from the Columbia Center Rotary to help them promote a better environment for cycling in the Tri-Cities, contacted the Benton-Franklin Council of Governments, among others, looking for people to join him in this endeavor. The BFCoG referred him to John Ittner, a cyclist who had been associated with BFCoG since the early 90s. John had most recently worked with the CoG on producing a new Tri-Cities Cycling map. John had also re-started an effort, first begun in the late 90s, to gain recognition for the Tri-Cities as a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Working with John on the BFC effort were Tri-City Bicycle Club members Carl Berkowitz and George Kyriazis.

Carl, George, and John had succeeded, in 2008, in getting Richland to apply to the League for BFC status. When Jeff contacted John the first time, the results of that attempt were still unknown. Jeff's vision and that of the Columbia Center Rotarians were perfect for boosting the BFC work. Jeff jumped right in and meetings with John, George, and Carl became frequent and more productive.

The BFC Committee was an ad hoc effort started by a few TCBC members.  It was apparent early on that there was a great need for a vehicle that would allow increased involvement by community leaders in improving bicycling in the Tri-Cities. Taking a cue from bicycle coalitions in Tucson and Los Angeles, Jeff proposed that a local bicycle coalition be formed.

The 3RBC received its State charter on February 22.
On March 16, Jeff Petersen and John Ittner met as the interim Board, approving the initial By-Laws and officially launching the 3RBC as a corporation.
On March 31, eight 3RBC Board members met in the first full Board meeting, approving the By-Laws and acce[pting their Board Appointments.
May 4, 2010 - The Richland City Council unanimously approved the resolution to accept $5,000 (source: Columbia Center Rotary) for the initial 3-4 Share the Road routes.
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition
The mission of the 3RBC is to provide a bicycling advocacy and resource organization that promotes improved quality of life in and around the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.
Get  Fit - Have Fun - Cycle Tri-Cities
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Structure of 3RBC

Board of Directors - Nine members elected from within the membership by the Board.

Officers - Elected by the Board from the general membership. Officers are ex officio Board members if not already a Director.

Community Advisory Council - Up to twenty-five (25) individuals chosen by the Board. CAC members are chose for a demonstrated commitment to the mission of the 3RBC; a history of accomplishment in promoting its objectives; useful expertise or experience; special business, financial or legal knowledge; and/or fund-raising abilities.

General membership - Any person may be an at-large member of the 3RBC who has provided her or his name and contact information and has paid dues to the 3RBC. Membership classes include: Individual/Family; Organizational; Business; other entities.